FR Group B

Step 1 Development

Functions for Inclusion in Rubric are Identified
Test all functions except for those not essential. A system of weights will be used to determine more essential from less essential functions.

A rating system / design model is created
Small likert scale ratings for must have, nice to have, not essential.
1. Not as good as it could be. No add on or cost
2. Alright. Low/No cost add on
3. Good as is.

Existing Functionality Rubric models are reviewed
1 or 2 nonbiased reviewers in addition to a subset of partnership reviewers. Within the subset of partnership reviewers there should be a mix of novice/expert users.

Step 2 Implementation

Open Source Learning Management Systems to be tested are identified
2 or 3 as identified by the partnership

Testing Environments are Established
Start with a smaller group.