Record information you find (positive or negative) about your feature set.

Course Management: Administrative Features
  • User management
  • Course import and export tool
  • Student tracking and reporting
  • Course management tools
  • Attendance module

Course Management: Delivery Tools
  • Learning paths
  • Quiz module
  • Gradebook (not sure if has feedback or not)

Collaboration System: Productivity
  • Calendar - YES
  • Announcements - YES
  • Events - YES
  • User Directory -
  • Personal Inf - ?
  • External links - YES
  • RSS feeds -
  • Survey - YES
  • Pubic Web/portal sites (guest logon?) YES
  • TASKS - ?

  • Web conferencing

Collaboration System: Student Involvement
  • Groupware tools (discussions, chat)
  • Learning Paths
  • links
  • No wikis or blogs
  • email
  • Group chats

Collaboration System: Additional
  • WEB 2.0 TOOLS

Content Management
  • Shared document library
  • web site claims "|Joomla! Wins 'Best CMS Award' Again! Wednesday, 31 October 2007" (the site does not list features)
  • will keep track of all documents (however searching ablility is unknown)

Online assignments
Collaboration Tools
Chapter Materials/Topics
Learning Paths
Additional Notes
Joomla tutorials for teachers; professional LMS
dropbox; quiz; gradebook; homework registration
content pages with editor; folder and file tree structure; reordering; file upload
quiz tools; auto-feed to gradebook; intervals of scored results???;
forced or free
SCORM; groups/multiple group enrollment; group forum; built-in Web conference tools; chat room