Local School Systems (LSS) Learning Management Systems (LMS) Experiences
Allegany • Anne Arundel • Calvert • Cecil • Dorchester • Frederick • Prince George's • Washington • Worcester


Current LMS: Moodle

Uses: Elementary teacher websites for vocabulary words, pictures, bulletin boards, post information about what is going on in the schools. High School AP classes- online class with assignments, discussion forums, rubrics, labs, notes, resources.


Anne Arundel

Current LMS: Blackboard.

Uses: Blackboard as a communication portal and for instructional support (classroom students and professional development). Teacher websites, schools post for entire school community to read using guest access. Hundreds of teacher staff faculty communities across school system. Teachers use Blackboard with classroom students. Problem is money- Blackboard is cost prohibitive so looking for something else. Also looking for a product that can do content management. Looking for a manageable replacement for Blackboard.



Current LMS: Angel.

Uses: Content management only b/c of cost. Only one teacher using Angel with their class.

Needs: Would like to see LMS for more coursework, hybrids, etc. Would like to put time/money into PD for the LMS.


Current LMS: blend of a little of everything: several thousand seats in Moodle w/ MoodleRooms as the host.

Uses: 6th grade hybrid courses, 12 other courses, and Professional Development through it. One section of PD running on blackboard, and sometimes uses D2L. Also looking for content management.



Current LMS: Moodle

Uses: As a PD forum; Some teachers using for classroom website. Elementary using it as a hub for teachers to access calendar files, etc.

Needs: Want to expand use of LMS for PD.


Current LMS: Moodle w/ Moodle Rooms

Uses: We use Moodle for PD courses and for secondary academic courses. Some groups, ie Secondary Performing Arts, have created an electronic learning community in Moodle.

Needs: We have many teachers that are familiar with Blackboard since that was our old LMS. They could benefit from training materials with Moodle. We could also use a way to easily integrate Moodle grades into Pinnacle, our grading system. Examview does not work for all question types when imported into Moodle since it does not support a direct import. Many teachers complain about this.


Current LMS: BB system 6. Testing Moodle now.




Current LMS: D2L

Uses: Using D2L for Teacher Professiona Developement and as platform for all online courses as well as ecommunitity sharing sites.
Needs: Document Repositoryand Content Managment Tool; Looking at offering student courses/additional online Professional Development. Not enough seats for students.


Current LMS: Moodle

Uses: Staff Development in Special Ed. In the past have used it with kids. Looking at different ways to deliver content.