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LSS Server & Computer Hardware Configurations

Final LSS Needs Assessment Local School Systems Survey
Directions are located on Word Doc.

Online Survey (Please make sure this survey is only completed ONE time per LSS):

LSS Needs Assessment Survey- DRAFT

Comments on the DRAFT LSS Needs Assessment Survey may be added here:

Feedback from PGCPS Team:
New Item suggestion for first area: Provide information on your preferred browser.
Add and Item about hosting that asked about their ability to host:
Perhaps... In order for your district to host
  • No additional hardware needed to host
  • Some Hardware needed to host
  • Significant Hardware needed to host

New Item Suggestion: Are you interested in hosting if additional hardware is needed?
Regarding Item: Do you have the capacity to provide training...Consider the following:
  • Place (facility)
  • Level of training (instructor/administrator vs student)

Item: Homework Control: Allows students TO submit homework into the system available only to the instructor Also known as a drop box)
Item: Tracking: Monitor your students' work and visits to areas within the course.
Item: Course Management: Timed....
Item: Course Transfer: Ability to transfer courses from other LMS systems.
Under Student Involvement Features there should be an additional Item called :
  • Virtual Classroom
Tools that involve a whiteboard that include opportunity for site sharing and screen sharing.

Feedback from Frederick:
*Comments section would be nice. It would be beneficial because we could list what we'd specifically like it to do, or if we know something cannot be done with a particular item. For example, we found that you could easily import Examview test questions into Blackboard but it didn't work with Moodle- at least all question types. Knowing this information up front may save some leg work later on.

*Categories "good to have" and "nice" are too similar- I would recommend just "good to have" and "non-essential."

Needs Assessment Survey

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