What needs to be removed from the Needs Assessment Worksheet?
Accessibility Compliance - should be a given
Gradebook - if systems are already using a "PIV" or other system

What needs to be added to the Needs Assessment Worksheet?
Explanations of some of the items
Possibly an additional page with descriptions of what each item pertains to

What operating system compatibility for server and for users (IT)
Versitility of the authentication schemes

Does a ranking system work for this survey, or should it be crafted in some other way? Explain.
Possibly break into smaller subgroups
Descriptors would be very important
Likert scale for each item

In what format should we present the survey (paper/pencil, online, etc.)?
online - checkbox

Who needs to take the survey?

IT people (technical specs)
Teacher trainers
course instructors
technology specialists/coaches
students (student section)

Should always be accessible
Ability for students to be able to post documents
Ability to transfer courses from other systems (i.e. blackboard to moodle, etc.)

What is homework control
Do we assume that the blog, wiki, email features would apply for adults or for students as well?