What needs to be removed from the Needs Assessment Worksheet?

  • Is External Links a section/tool, or can this just be removed?
  • Plagiarism Monitor will probably rely on external tools. Maybe move this to a category of Optional Features. Also Helpdesk Services. Q&A or Knowledge Base section. FAQs.
  • Course Content Customization and Course Management seem to have potential overlap.

What needs to be added to the Needs Assessment Worksheet?

  • Ability to embed preformatted code, e.g., YouTube, etc.
  • Need to break out the Classroom Features for more specific ranking OR more clearly articulated as Tools.
  • Ability to turn off central tools. Other administrative tools?

Does a ranking system work for this survey, or should it be crafted in some other way? Explain.
  • The needs assessment rankings can be general. HOWEVER, certain sections of the rubric may merit greater weight when comparing functionalities. Therefore, may want to BAND certain functionalities.
  • RECOMMEND killing the ranking and instead identifying == MUST HAVE, GOOD TO HAVE, NICE/NON-ESSENTIAL

In what format should present the survey (paper/pencil, online, etc.)?
  • Online format is preferred.
  • BUT, the survey should be completed twice. One time should be with the lens of PD. One time with the lens of student users. Potentially, we may need to complete the use case once for online and once again for hybrid. Regardless, the context of use is critical.

Who needs to take the survey?
  • One liaison to respond collaboratively to both lenses, but after synthesizing responses from/with Curriculum Office/Supervisor, IT/Hardware rep, and also the PD Coordinator.

  • Please define/clarify ALL terms, especially Homework Control, Student Course List, User Sites, Secure Collaboration. Each term/category needs a description.
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