What needs to be removed from the Needs Assessment Worksheet?
  • We weren't sure what "Homework Control" was. This item needed clarification.
  • Accessibility Compliance is a requirement (by law) so perhaps it should not be an item on this needs assessment.
  • Plagiarism Monitor (available elsewhere)

What needs to be added to the Needs Assessment Worksheet?
  • The focus of the needs assessment defined. Responses will be different based on wether the LMS is for student use or for professional development.
  • System must be versatile in order to make sure that your needs are covered. You may be choosing an LMS for or initial need which may be PD, but you must keep in mind that this same system might be used down the line with students.
  • Chat Features/Capabilities
  • What platform are you using? (Mac/PC/Both)
  • Will the school district host or will it be commercially hosted?
  • Will you be training or are you considering purchasing training or going elsewhere for training?

Does a ranking system work for this survey, or should it be crafted in some other way? Explain.
  • Use a likert scale. Ex. 1-5 Not Necessary - Critical
  • The items on the scale should be based on the focus (pd or student use)

In what format should we present the survey (paper/pencil, online, etc.)?
  • Online - If you deliver online you will probably be able to do more with the date. Specifically, if you gather the data in a spreadsheet.
  • Include screen shots and explanations of items/terms to ensure that respondants understand the item.

Who needs to take the survey?
  • Information Technology and Instructional Technology (Chief, Director, Supervisor, Specialists)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (Director, Supervisor, Specialists, Online Instructors)
  • Professional Development (Director, Supervisor, Specialists, PD Instructors)
  • Attribution_NonCommercial.JPG