Record information you find (positive or negative) about your feature set.

Course Management: Administrative Features
  • Manage accounts and memberships
  • "Super user" - can impersonate the user
  • Manage security and permission settings

Course Management: Delivery Tools
  • Syllabus tool

Collaboration System: Productivity
  • Calendar - yes
  • Announcements - yes
  • Events - yes
  • User Directory - yes
  • Personal Inf - yes
  • External links - yes
  • RSS feeds - yes
  • Survey - not standard, can be added
  • Pubic Web/portal sites (guest logon?) yes

Collaboration System: Student Involvement
  • Has Blogs, Wikis, Email, Discussion, Groups

Collaboration System: Additional Features

Content Management

  • Portfolio tools
    • Design, publish, share and view portfolios of work
    • Wizards & Matrices: Create structures to help site participants document and reflect upon their learning and development
  • has a digital repository

Online assignments
Collaboration Tools
Chapter Materials/Topics
Learning Paths
Additional Notes
Sakai Web site
announcements, resources, site roster, email archive, Wikis, Blogs, chat, calendar, discussion forum, glossary, Web page, news, assignments, dropbox, gradebook,
Y = portfolios; ?? = podcasts and mobile phones
yes -- summary outline of course reqs
tests & quizze
lesson builder tool -- ??