Welcome!The purpose of the Open Source Learning Management Systems (OSLMS) partnership grant is to determine whether or not open source learning management systems are a cost effective and viable Learning Management Systems (LMS) solution. The partnership will investigate if open source LMS provide the same functionality as commercial products and document the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to determine the most appropriate implementation strategy for local school systems seeking to adopt an LMS.

Moodle.jpg The Open Source Learning Management Systems (OSLMS) Partnership Grant is pleased to announce that Moodle Learning Management System will be piloted during the upcoming 2010-2011 school year.

In determining which open source Learning Management System to pilot, the partnership researched reputable open source LMS, conducted a LMS needs assessment, created a LMS functionality rubric, and contracted with people across the state to conduct a review of three LMS- Moodle, Sakai and SharePoint SLK. LMS functions were tested on the system administrator, instructor, and learner levels. Data was compiled and compared against the needs assessment, resulting in the partnership’s decision to pilot Moodle Learning Management System. Year two of the grant will focus on documenting the Total Cost of Ownership while offering Professional Development courses on the Moodle LMS platform.